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Glassdrummond School 1949

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Back Row L to R: Jim McShane, Eddie Daly, Jim Gogarty, Tom Hearty, Owen McGuinness, Patrick Hearty, Terence McShane, Kathleen Loy, Kathleen Campbell, Bridie Traynor, Gretta McIlveen, Muriel Kieran, Maggie Donnelly, Alice McCann, John Daly, Barney McKeown, Thomas Webb, Tony Kieran, Mickey Kane, John McKeown
4th Row L to R:? Donaghy, Molly Finnegan, Rose Traynor, Alice Traynor, Phyllis Campbell, Alice Donnelly, Clare McCourt, n/k, Rosie Finnegan, Margaret McCourt
3rd Row (boys) L to R:Sean McCormack, Pat Devlin, Sean Campbell, Michael Lynch, Owen Donaghy, Owen Donaghy,----- Tommy Traynor, Paddy Gogarty, Jim McCourt, James Hearty, n/k
3rd Row (girls) L to R: n/k, ? Donaghy, Lizzie Donnelly, Bria Kieran, Eileen McKeown, Mary Catherine Traynor, Lily Coyle, n/k, Mary Kane, Pat Daly, n/k
2nd Row L to R: n/k, Rose McKeown, Mary Hearty, n/k, Alice Devlin, Margaret Finnegan, n/k, ? Campbell, ? Donaghy, Kathleen Devlin, n/k, Gracie Barry, n/k, Marie Campbell, n/k, n/k, Mary Donaghy, n/k, Bernadette Kieran, Kathleen Donaghy
Front Row L to R: n/k except (5th - Larry Connolly, Jimmy Campbell, 9th - Olive Conlon, 11th - Eileen Devlin, 13th - James Daly, 17th - Bernard Campbell, last - Paddy McEldrew)

Phote courtesy of Eddie Daly