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Boyle Gathering - August 1999

These pages form the core of the site. The Index of Family Names lists the 1706 people (earliest born 1775, latest notified born 14 March 2011) in all of the families at the date below. Selecting any name from this list will take you to their individual record in the Family Repository which holds information about dates -birth, marriage, death - parents and children, photographs, links to census returns etc. The Family Trees page provides a single access point to the family trees of each of the main family groups; starting with the earliest generation recorded. In Census Records you will find transcriptions of selected Townland and family census returns from the 1901 and 1911 Census of Ireland. In the Genealogy section there are the Coats of Arms and genealogies of the main families. Surnames Distribution shows the spread of the main family names in Ireland in 1890. The Townlands of Creggan gives a snapshot of who was living in some of the townlands in South Armagh over the centuries. The Family News feature tries to keep up to date with family events. However this works only if information is passed to me. There is a short report of the Gathering of the Boyle clan in 1999.

There is a range of Photo Albums with family images from the early part of the last century, from Ireland, England, USA etc to the present day, including a Wedding Photo Album with, at present, over seventy images of family weddings. I would like to add to this. Children's Sayings captures some of the comical things our young ones say from time to time. New ones are always welcome. The Family Storyboard has, as you would expect, stories about the families, limited at present to the Devlins, Boyles and Currans. The stories cover tragedy and emigration among other things. Other stories and reflections would be more than welcome.

A couple of personal pages are devoted to Claire and Ciara Devlin. Finally, a complete record of Brian O'Callaghan's pilgrimage on foot from Rostrevor in Co Down to the Shrine of St. James in Galicia in Spain is maintained by Brian himself with regular updates between March and July 2005.

Updated:   21 March 2011