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complete family index

This Index contains all of the names in the Family Repository. As of 5 February 2011 there are 236 unique family names listed. There are many more families than this as many share the name eg there are at least 27 Curran, 13 Boyle, 11 Devlin and 11 O'Reilly family units. Having all of them in a single file makes it too large and difficult to download - hence the grouping.

You can see an alphabetical list of the Surnames HERE

Select from the following grid for a full list of names in the appropriate group.
Acosta to Boylan Boyle to Brown Bryers to Clarke Cole to Crummy Cunningham to Devlin
Dinsmore to Endress Farman to Gallagher Garvey to Judd Kane to Lynch Mackin to Mooney
Moore to McAnallen McArdle to McLaughlin McManus to O'Reilly Ormonde to Rushe Ryan to Worden

Last Update: 5 February 2011