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A Story by Catrina Barrett, aged 6

Tuesday 3rd December [2002]

In a far away land in an old cottage lived a girl called Samantha and two horrible sisters. Samantha wore raggy clothes. Her sisters wore beautiful colourful dresses. The two ugly step sisters made Samantha do all the house work. Samantha was miserable because she didn't like the scrubing and cleaning all over the house. She slept in a cuperd under the stairs. One wet foggy morning there was a bright flash. Samantha jumped with surprise "What's happening" yelled Samantha. Do not be afraid said a kind voice "Who are you" asked Samantha I am a magical princess "Do you what a wish". asked the magical princess. I forgot to tell you the princess is called Alice. Anyway - back to the story. Yes answered Samantha What would you like. "Well", said Samantha "my two sisters have gone to a ball to dance with the prince". "The girl who dances best with him gets to marry him and be his queen". "OK" thought the princess "I will make a beautiful dress with glass slippers and a tiara". Suddenly! There was a flash and Samantha was wearing beautiful clothes standing in a musical ball. Samantha went up to the prince the all the music stopped and everybody stared at her even her two sisters who didn't recenis her. The music started and the prince danced every dance with her. Suddenly the clock struck 12. "Bye I've got to go" screamed Samantha.

Her tiara fell of "Come back" shouted the prince and picked up the tiara. But when he looked up the young woman had gone. "Who fits this tiara will be my bride" announced the prince. The prince tried it on all the maids - they swaused and pushed but it just didn't fit. Next they went to Samantha's house the two sisters tried it on but it didn't fit. Then Samantha came in "please may I try it on? " she asked. "How could you try it on - you wear horrid clothes and anyway you work" said her sisters. "Let her" said the prince. So Samantha tryed it on and it fitted perfectly. Suddly the magical princess burst throw the door and turned Samantha's clothes into the ones that she wore at the ball. Her sisters bowed down and said they where sorry. Samantha and the prince [were married] and Samantha's sisters had to do all the palace work.