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Celtchair Mor mac Uthechair

'...a wrathful, terrible, fearsome man. He was big nosed, big eared and with prominent eyes. Rough grizzled hair he had. A striped cloak he wore and in that cloak over his breast an iron stake which reaches from shoulder to shoulder. A rough, plaited shirt next to his skin. Along the side of his back a sword of refined iron, tempered seven times in the heat. A brown mound, to wit, his shield, he carried. A great grey spear, with thirty rivets through its socket, in his hand. He is half a battle (in himself) he is a leader of strife, he is a chief in valor. That was Celtchair Mor mac Uthechair from Lethglais in the north.'

This is the description of a Celtic Chief in the Tain Bo Cualnge. Dun Lethglaise (one of the earliest names of Downpatrick) is one of the six 'royal' sites of Ireland named in the early literature including Tara, Emain Macha, Clogher, Dun Ailinne and Cornaskee.

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