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Photo of Bridie Carragher - November 2002

Nanny Carragher


Fiona Kieran - October 2003

Bridie my nanny - an angel in the making,
For her life here on earth, she was never done baking.
Whether dinner for twenty, no mean feat by half
A hot cake of bread, or a nice rhubarb tart.

Her family of seven were her pride and her joy
But never would tell you for fear she might spoil!
Scrubbing and cleaning her cupboards and floor
And on Bingo night she was first out the door!

Her belief in God was sincere and true
And even at mass had her only little pew,
At 10 o clock mass seven days of the week
She was often seen praying for the needy and weak.

In years gone by on warm autumn days,
Nanny would send you out on your way
To pick her some berries to bake a nice tart,
She would knead it with kindness, straight from the heart

When I used to visit, sometimes at night
At Nanny's back steps you'd find quite a sight
Every stray kitten and cat from the town
Would stand and meaow till Nan threw them scraps down.

On a cold Sunday morning after the mass
The Carragher family could have a good gas
In number 56 the Square, Harte, Devlin or Carragher
You were sure to be there
Nanny Carragher sure was shrewd,
For the first thing that drew us was surely the food
Standing around with a bowl in your hand
Of the finest soup in all of the land.

School work and Lorries and current affairs
Was discussed in the kitchen with Nan sitting there
Her eighteen grandchildren causing a riot,
While aunties and uncles told you to 'quiet!'

Nanny would sit and listen and watch,
Content in the knowledge that this was her lot
She quietly knew that while pussies a cat
She'd keep us together and that was just that!

I miss you nanny, and our wee chats
But memories are great and I'm thankful for that
A legacy like no other you left with us all
And in high esteem you never will fall

So God bless my Nanny, in heaven up high
And look out for us all as time passes by.
May that little bread angel guide you on your way
And hope that life's ailments have faded away.

God's kitchen AGA will never be done
For I hear all Gods angels, they LOVE apple buns!!!
So here's to my Nanny, a lady so true
I'll never forget and I love and miss you.

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