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The Journals Selected Articles

The Society can be contacted through the Secretary at -
Creggan Local History Society
Áras an Chairdinéil Ó Fiaich
Slatequarry Road
Co Armagh
BT35 0JH
Telephone: (028 3086 8757)
..or e-mail info@cregganhistory.co.uk
The Creggan Local History Society was formed in 1985 with the objective of collecting and distributing information on all aspects of the history of the Creggan Parish in particular and of South Armagh in general by-

  1. The publication of an historical journal.
  2. Sponsoring at least one annual historical lecture.
  3. Providing an archive of historical material for public consultation
  4. Co-operating with other Societies engaged in like work

To date (2002) they have published ten journals and a number of other publications. They have an extensive archive of documentary and photographic material which is available for research by schools and others interested in the history of the area.

I reproduce here, with their permission, a complete list of all of the articles in the Journals and few of the articles themselves.

The Society has a well developed website at -

Last updated:   11 October 2004