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Photo of Bridie Carragher - November 2002

Kathleen Collins - a Tribute


The Collins Family - July 2003

There is so much we could say about our mother, Kathleen but those of you who knew her will understand that mere words could never do her memory justice.

She was born in 1928, in Mobane and, though times were hard, she was sustained by a happy, loving family which included her beloved sister, Margaret and brother James, both of whom survive her.

Kathleen trained as a nurse and worked for several years in Whiteabbey, where she met life long friends Bridie Selwood and Moira Boylan. In 1949 she married Joe Collins. Before moving to the Carron Road in 1956, they lived in Rathview Park, next door to their dear friends, Eileen RIP and Larry Hughes. They brought up a family of nine children, Hilary, Leo, Cara, Joe, Tony RIP, Colm, Walter, Kenny and Barbara.

Our father, Joe, died suddenly in January,1998 and whilst his passing hit our mother hard, it was nothing to the grief she endured when our brother, Tony died suddenly while on holiday, on her birthday, 18th September 2001. Although she tried to carry on, her heart was broken. Always a fighter, as her illness progressed she just seemed to lose the will to live. She was no longer able to go for her daily walk with her great friend and neighbour, Anne McAllister, but Anne, forever loyal, visited her in hospital and was at her bedside during her last days. Thank you Anne and Barry for always being there for her.

We are indebted to Dr Gary Wright and the staff of Rheumatology S, Musgrave Park Hospital. They always treated our mother with the utmost kindness and respect and did everything they could to make her as comfortable as possible.

Our thanks also to Dr Gribben, Lorna Markey and our local district nurses, especially Rose Carragher, Phoenix Nursing Agency and Marie Curie Care. A very special thank you to Fr Joe McKeever whose sermon summed Kathleen up perfectly and was a great source of comfort to us.

We would like to thank the many people who called at the house, telephoned or brought gifts and to the many who travelled long distances to be with us at this difficult time. Finally, our thanks to Michael McConville for the dignified manner in which the funeral was carried out and to Dalmur Caterers for providing the buffet.

If we have left out anyone please accept our apologies. Mass will be offered for the intentions of all. Month's Mind Mass will be celebrated in St Patrick's Church, Crossmaglen on this coming Friday 1st August at 8:00pm.

From "The Examiner", 29 July 2003

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