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Native Speakers of Creggan Parish - 1901 Census

These pages provide details of the native Irish speakers enumerated in the civil Parish of Creggan in the 1901 Census of Ireland. This was the last generation to have been born into a largely Irish speaking community. The names are included in the record of the townlands/location of enumeration, but since not all of those townlands etc. are displayed here the names are here given in their entirety.

The average age of the 785 people listed here was 59, so the majority of them were born in the years surrounding the Great Famine. In all but three cases, who spoke only Irish, the people were bi-lingual.

The details, drawn from the Census returns, showns names, location, relationships, occupation, literacy, age, marital status and County of birth. The numbers involved make a single list much too large to download so the list has been divided into alphabetical groups.

Select from the Names below.

Agnew to Connolly Courtney to Ferron Finegan to Hearty Hollywood to Kirk
Lafferty to McCabe McCann to McNulty McParland to Murtagh Nugent to Woods

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Last Updated: 11 October 2004