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Family News - Archive

This page records the family news between November 2000 and December 2006.

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Date Message
30 December 2006 1. Congratulations to Vivian and Sonia Devlin on the birth of their daughter Sophia, on 14 December 2006.
2. Also, congratulations to Suzannah Murphy and Alan O'Neill on their wedding in Sheelagh Chapel on 27 December 2006. Hope to publish some photos soon.
3. McKenna and Devlin Family Trees updated.

10 November 2006
1. Congratulations to Adrian and Lisa Kelly on their wedding on 26 September 2006
2. Also belated congratulation to Keith and Sorcha Neary on their April 2006 wedding.
3. Congratulations to Brian and Yvonne Casey on the birth of Brian in February 2006, to Paula Casey and Pearce McSkean on the birth of daughter Sienna in May 2006, to Sonia and John Duffy on the birth of Darren on 29 October 2006.
4. McKenna Family Tree updated.
9 September 2006 Vincent Dinsmore died on 7 September. Condolences to his wife Marie, children Eleanor, Jenny, Derek, Brian and Terence, brothers John and Kevin, sister Kathleen and to the wider family.
May he rest in peace.
19 August 2006 As a result of a tragic accident Miceal Hearty died yesterday. Condolences to his wife Clare and son Aaron. Also his parents Sean and Rosaleen and sister Siobhan Devlin and the wider families.
May he rest in peace.
23 May 2006 Joseph Cairns died on 22 May 2006. Condolences to his wife Margaret and children Margaret, James, Peter Catherine, Anne and Susan.
May he rest in peace.

30 March 2006
Congratulations to Adam and Laurie Gelinas on the birth of their first child, Ryan Thomas, yesterday.

5 March 2006
Update of Jack and Kathleen Maddock's family. Additional information about their extended family uploaded. Thanks to their granddaughter, Melodie Maddock, for the information. The McKenna Family Tree has been updated
4 March 2006 Jack Maddock died on 17 February 2006. Condolences to his extended family in Canada and England, to his brothers-in-law Patrick, Walter and Bernard Durkan and sister-in law Letitia McArdle and all of their families. He is buried, beside his late wife, Kathleen, in Avondale Cemetery, Stratford, Ontario.
May he rest in peace.

3 March 2006
Update of Gerry and Veronica Devlin's family. New children ( June 2004 to Nov 2005) in the Casey, Donnelly, Duffy and O'Connell families. The McKenna Family Tree has been updated

1 March 2006
Congratulations to Louise and Wilbur Willden on the birth of Niamh Allison (7lb 13oz) on 28 February 2006.
29 November 2005 My dear friend and cousin, Julie Pearce, died on Sunday 27 November. Condolences to her Sister Letitia, brother-in-law Gene, brothers Patrick, Bernard and Walter, her nephews and neices in Ireland and and abroad, and to the wider families.

We drift and we care not whither,
Why should we care?
For You are at the end of all journeys
By vision or prayer.

Blow us O Wind, O blow us
Whither you will.
Every leaf that November casts clay-ward
Shall its own place fill.
[Drifting Leaves - Patrick Kavanagh]

May she rest in peace.
5 November 2005 Congratulations to Sarah-Jane and Alan McGrath on the birth of Lucas James Edward on 3 November 2005.
4 November 2005 My sister, Alice Sumner died suddenly today. Condolences to her husband Bill, daughter Jane and son-in-law Richard, granddaughters Vicky and Rosie, sisters Kathleen and Eileen and the wider families.

We have short time to stay, as you,
We have as short a spring;
As quick a growth to meet decay
As you, or any thing.
We die,
As your hours do, and dry
Like to the Summer's rain;
Or as the pearls of morning's dew
Ne'er to be found again.
[To Daffodils - Robert Herrick]

May she rest in peace.
14 September 2005 It has been a busy few months of weddings for some grandchildren of Peter and Annie Devlin. Congratulations to -

Click on links for some photos.

11 September 2005 Gina Francis, from New South Wales, is visiting the Creggan area to track down her Traynor and O'Hare ancestors who emigrated to Australia in the 1830s and later. She met with present day Traynors and related families in the Crossmaglen and Cullyhanna areas and hopes to make substantial progress while here. We wish her every success.
13 August 2005 Colette Dinsmore died on 10 August. Condolences to her husband Seamus, daughters Niamh and Cara, and the wider families.
Click here for Irish News Report
16 July 2005


13 July 2005


9 July 2005

Congratulations to Brian on the successful completion of a marathon pilgrimage of over 1600 miles. Click HERE for webcam screenshot of the end of BRIAN'S PILGRIMAGE. Final entries in his diary will be received later.

28 June 2005


22 June 2005


21 June 2005


20 June 2005 Congratulatins to Elaine Conlon and Paul Burns on the occasion of their marriage in Carrigart, Donegal on 18th June.
17 June 2005

Click here for BRIAN'S PILGRIMAGE UPDATES No 12, No 13 and No 14

30 May 2005

BRIAN'S PILGRIMAGE UPDATE No 11:   Latest update

CLICK HERE for Brian's notes.

27 May 2005 Many happy returns of the day to Anne Spence on the occasion of her 60th birthday celebrations in Crossmagle Rangers GAA Club in the company of family and friends. Some photos of the event HERE
20 May 2005

BRIAN'S PILGRIMAGE UPDATE No 10:   Latest update

CLICK HERE for Brian's notes.

18 May 2005 Congraulations to Ciara Devlin on her confirmation today in Castlewellan. Some photos of the event HERE
17 May 2005


CLICK HERE for Brian's notes.

12 May 2005


CLICK HERE for Brian's notes.

10 May 2005

PILGRIMAGE UPDATE No 15:    I have redesigned Brian's Camino pages - all updates and photographs are now availale on a single Camino Home Page which is updated as new material is received. Access is on the Web Site Home Page.

8 May 2005

PILGRIMAGE UPDATE No 14:   Latest update

CLICK HERE for Brian's notes.

2 May 2005

PILGRIMAGE UPDATE No 13:   Latest update

CLICK HERE for Brian's notes.

30 April 2005

PILGRIMAGE UPDATE No 12:   Brian's second tranch of photos in France an be found HERE   [This is an external site - use BACK botton to return to this page]

25 April 2005

PILGRIMAGE UPDATE No 11:   Latest update - and a new approach.

CLICK HERE for Brian's notes.

24 April 2005

PILGRIMAGE UPDATE No 10:   Brian's first photos in France an be found HERE   [This is an external site - use BACK botton to return to this page]

21 April 2005

PILGRIMAGE UPDATE No 9:   Brian meets the first pilgrims of his journey.

CLICK HERE for Brian's notes.

20 April 2005

PILGRIMAGE UPDATE No 8:   Brian's photos taken during the walk through Ireland can be found HERE   [This is an external site - use BACK botton to return to this page]

19 April 2005

PILGRIMAGE UPDATE No 7:   Brian finding his way in France.

CLICK HERE for Brian's notes.

18 April 2005

PILGRIMAGE UPDATE No 6:   The latest update covers the final few days of the Ireland part of the pilgrimage and the first 3 days in France.

CLICK HERE for Brian's notes.

16 April 2005 Warmest greetings and congratulations to Letitia Hart (nee Richardson) who reaches her 100th birthday today. Letitia was born in Moybane near Crossmaglen; one of the eleven children of James and Kate (McKenna from Drumboy) Richardson. Sister of the late Edward Richardson MP. Family gathered from all over Britain and Ireland, Canada and the United States for the occasion.
11 April 2005

PILGRIMAGE UPDATE No 5: Brian will be providing regular updates, by email, as the pilgrimage continues. I have received his notes on the first 8 days. He has a natural chatty style and his observations are interesting and insightful. On the Ireland part of the journey he has been accompanied by some regular walkers and others; some family, all friends, who walk part of the way. As he walks, he reflects on the people and places, events and occasions that have helped to shape him - his parents and grandparents, children and grandchildren, his friends and work colleagues. As he nears the end of this first phase his family gather for a final meal and get-together and the strength of their bond is palpable in his writing.

CLICK HERE for Brian's daily messages.

30 March 2005


The Newry Democrat devoted it's Weekly Interview to Brian's Pilgrimage. CLICK HERE for clipping.

25 March 2005

PILGRIMAGE UPDATE No 3: Just after 9 o'clock on a fine spring morning Brian took the first step of his 1600-mile pilgrimage which will take him from the foot of the Mourne mountains to Finisterre "the end of the earth", in Northern Spain. To see him off, accompany him on the first stage of his epic trek, and to wish him Godspeed and a safe journey and return, were many members of his family and friends. It was a happy occasion and the joy and craic rolled for an hour down the road to Warrenpoint and on to Narrow Water Castle where a short boat journey took him and his walking group to the Co. Louth shore from where his long first-stage trek to Rosslare would begin. On the Irish section of the pilgrimage Brian will be accompanied by his daughter Bernadette and his grandson Jack, both of whom were looking forward to the challenge.

The Irish News on the day carried a news report of the Pilgrimage. CLICK HERE for clipping.

Some photos of the morning are available HERE.

I will keep this page updated as news arrives of Brian's progress.

16 March 2005

PILGRIMAGE UPDATE No 2: Brian continues to prepare for his trek; planning his route and stopping places, supplies and all the other things that will be needed for self sufficiency, especially when he reaches the Continent. His pilgrimage will begin at 9am on Friday 25 March from Rostrevor to Narrow Water in Warrenpoint, then by ferry to the Co. Louth shore. Crossing the mountains, via the Flagstaff to the Newry/Dundalk Road close to the Fairways Hotel, he will finish his first day's walk in Dundalk. Day 2 - Drogheda; Day 3 - Swords and Day 4 - Dublin. From Day 5 to Day 10 he will walk south through Counties Wicklow and Wexford to Rosslare where he will board ship to Cherbourg. For the Ireland part of the walk he will be accompanied by friends for parts of the route and by his daughter Bernadette for most of it. I hope to join him for Day 1 and will post photographs of the start.

10 March 2005 Rory McGee died suddenly on 8 March. Condolences to his wife and baby daughter, to his parents, brothers and sister and to the wider families.
17 February 2005

PILGRIMAGE UPDATE No 1: Sponsorship leaflets are now available. For information you can contact Brian as follows -

Phone: 028 417 37624 Mobile: 07713242372 or email: brianocsnr@aol.com
10 February 2005

PILGRIMAGE: Starting on Good Friday, 25 March 2005, Brian O'Callaghan is planning to walk from Rostrevor, in Co. Down, to Santiago, in northern Spain, a distance of some 1600 miles. Click MAP for route. This journey is known as the Camino de Santiago (the way of Santiago) and follows, for most of its Continental path, the same route taken by pilgrims going to the shine of Saint James (Sant Iago) in the Cathedral at Santiago for over 1000 years. The journey will take 16 weeks. His route from Rostrevor will take him to Dublin in four days, Rosslare in a further nine, and then by ship to Cherbourg in France. From Cherbourg he will walk (for 4 weeks) to Poitiers to join the one of four main pilgrim routes which crosses the Pyrenees (after another 4 weeks) and turns west (6 weeks) along the northern side of the Iberian peninsula to the Cathedral at Santiago. Brian's journey should end on or about 16 July. Brian is seeking support for the charity CONCERN and sponsorship leaflets will be available soon for anyone wishing to make a contribution or organise donations more widely. I will publish details of how to get the leaflets as soon as they are available. See POSTER.

I will make regular updates of Brian's progress on his epic pilgrimage.

6 January 2005 Congratulations to Alice and Eamonn Campbell on the birth of Cormac on 21 December 2004.
23 December 2004 Somewhat belatedly, photos of the Sinead Quigley's 21st Birthday Party are now available HERE
7 December 2004 Photos of the wedding of Vivian Devlin and Sonia McCooey available HERE
21 November 2004 Congratulations to Vivian Devlin and Sonia McCooey who married on 19 November. Photos later.
25 September 2004 Congratulations to Siobhan and Sean Sherry on the birth of Aine Catherine on 1 September.
9 September 2004 Owen Eddy Hamilton was baptised in St. Theresa's Church, Penwortham, on Sunday 5 September 2004. Photos HERE.
1 August 2004 Congratulations to Sarah Jane Carville and Alan McGrath on their wedding in Crossmaglen on Saturday 31 July 2004. Wedding Photos HERE. Boyle and O'Reilly Family Trees updated.
25 July 2004 Congratulations to Ciara and Gladwin Worden on the birth of Seamus Gerard on 7 July 2004.
22 July 2004 Congratulations to Noelle Devlin on graduating from the University of Ulster with an Honours Degree in Business Studies and Computing. Photograph HERE.
20 July 2004 It is with deep regret I report the passing of Alice O'Reilly, of Crossmaglen. A woman of great heart and spirit, indomitable courage and unfailing good humour, she is mourned by her large family; children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, sons-in-law and daughters-in-law, her brother Tommy, sister-in-law Maggie and her numerous nieces and nephews throughout the world. May the Lord have mercy on her soul.
31 May 2004 Big hello to Maureen Magill from St. Catherines, Canada, on a visit to Warrenpoint with her daughter Laurie. Photograph here.
15 May 2004 Best wishes to Alice O'Reilly who is 90 years young this day.
3 January 2004 Condolences to the family of Shiela Lennon (nee Mackrell), Bryansford, who died on 2 January.
1 January 2004 Happy New Year to all the families. Archived Messages to December 2003 accessible from the above link.
26 December 2003 Congratulations to Eddy and Kerry Hamilton, on the birth of their second child, Owen Eddy, today - 7lb 9oz. The McKenna Family Tree and the Boyle Family Tree have been updated.
19 December 2003 Brigid Mackrell died on 17 December. Condolences to her children, Raymond and Shiela, her son-in-law and daughter-in-law and her grandchildren
4 November 2003 Belated Congratulations to Gerald Kelly and Tracy Taggart, who were married in Monaghan on Friday 29 August 2003. McKenna Family Tree updated.
27 October 2003 Congratulations to Deirdre and Martin Donnan, on the birth of twin boys, Jack and Matthew, on this day. The Boyle Family Tree has been updated.
26 October 2003 Congratulations to Louise Curry and Richard Willden, who were married in Ballymacnab Church on Saturday 25 October 2003. Boyle Family Tree updated. Click on names for a photographic record.
20 October 2003 Congratulations to Noelle Devlin on her 21st Birthday. A Surprise Party was arranged in the Shindig Club on 4 October 2003.
17 October 2003 Hello to Patsy Mackrell who was visiting his home town after an absence of 17 years. Click HERE for photos.
17 September 2003 Bridie Carragher, died on 13 September after a short illness. Condolences to her children, Gene,Margaret, Bretta, Francis, Aidan, Lily and Noel, and to her sons-in-law and daughters-in-law and her grandchildren
11 September 2003 Alice O'Callaghan, died on 9 September after a short illness. Condolences to her Husband Brian, to her sons Peter and Brian, her daughters Nuala and Bernadette, her son-in-law George, and her grandchildren
9 September 2003 Congratulations to Elizabeth and Steward Blackledge, on the birth of their son Robert Stewart on 7 September.
13 August 2003 Congratulations to Siobhan Carr and Sean Sherry, on the occasion of their Wedding in Warrenpoint on 26 July 2003.
23 July 2003 Congratulations to Josephine and Patrick Murray, Winchester, on their Golden Wedding on Friday 25th. Family and friends are flying in from all over the world.
30 June 2003 Kathleen Collins, Crossmaglen, died today after a long illness. Condolences to her children and grandchildren and also to her sister and brother, nephews and neices.
11 June 2003 Clare Hughes, Rostrevor, died suddenly on 10 June. Condolences to her parents, Stella and Tommy and to her brothers Paul, Stephen and David.
14 April 2003 Mary McQuaid died today after a long illness. Condolences to her children, sons-in-law and granddaughter, and her sister and brother.
28 March 2003 Hello to Ken Adamson who was in England for his mother's 95th birthday. Click HERE for photo.
11 February 2003 Congratulations to Marty and Nuala Curran on the the birth of a daughter on 10 February. Click HERE for photo.
28 January 2003 Congratulations to Jim Curran on the occasion of his 90th birthday. Photos of the event HERE
13 November 2002 Congratulations to Dermott and Geraldine Spiers on the the birth of a 7lb 12oz. daughter, on 12 November 2002.
25 October 2002 Belated congratulations to Noel and Bretta Devlin on their Silver Wedding Anniversary in August 2002. I waited until I had some photos of their USA holiday. For reasons of space and downloading time the quality has been reduced. I will add a few more when I get them.
18 October 2002 Congratulations to Niall and Pauline Donnelly on the the birth of Ben, on 5 October 2002.
31 August 2002 Joan O'Reilly died suddenly, yesterday evening. Condolences to her husband Paddy and to both of their families, including Joan's brother and sisters and her mother-in-law Alice.
29 August 2002 Congratulations to Karen Campbell, who celebrated her fortieth birthday at a function in the Aylesfort House, Warrenpoint (slightly early) on 23 August. Click HERE for photo.
7 July 2002 A big hello to Laurie and Adam Galinas, from Canada, visiting Laurie's aunts and uncles in Warrenepoint during a trip to Ireland and England. Click HERE for photo.
5 July 2002 Peter Boyle died peacefully today, in Daisy Hill Hospital, after a short illness. Condolences to his daughers Majella McEntegart and Martina McAree and their families, and to his sister Alice O'Reilly and brother Tommy Boyle and their families.
15 June 2002 A big hello to Walter and Marie Durkan, from Maryland, home in Carrickmacross for a gathering of the Moen Clan (Marie's family) in Ballybay. Walter and Marie are accompanied by their daughters Ann Marie and Ciara, with their families, including the youngest Declan Moen Acosta (four months). Click HERE for photos.
31 May 2002 Condolences to the family and friends of Aidan Savage who was cruelly killed in an unprovoked attack in Warrenpoint on Tuesday morning last. A quiet, bright and friendly man he was singled out for no reason and had no chance to defend himself. Hundreds of people attended his funeral on Thursday and the town remains in a state of shock and disbelief. At the time of writing a known individual is being sought.
6 March 2002 Amber Chloe Hamilton was christened on 3 March 2002 in St Teresa's, Penwortham.
5 March 2002 Congratulations to Paul Sutcliffe on receiving his MA from the University of London
18 February 2002 Congratulations to Laurie Magill and Adam Gelinas on their wedding, on 25 January 2001, in the Bahamas
7 February 2002 Acosta: Congratulations to Ann-Marie and Carlos on the birth of a son, Declan Moan, today- 7lb 5oz.
23 January 2002 Mackrell: Congratulations to Jimsie and Mandy on the birth of a son on Monday 21 January 2002.
21 January 2002 Tommy O'Reilly died peacefully today, surrounded his family, in Camlough, after a long illness. Condolences to his wife Patricia, children Aidan,Gavin, Conor and Damiem, daughter-in-law Iwona, his mother Alice and his brothers and sisters.
18 January 2002 Brian Mackrell died peacefully today, surrounded by his family, in Warrenpoint, after a prolonged illness. Condolences to his wife Anne, children and grandchildren and to his brothers and sisters.
9 December 2001 Mary Devlin's 21st birthday party was celebrated on 8 December. For pictures of the event go to Photo Albums.
9 October 2001 Belated congratulations to Majella McEntegart on her Graduation from the University of Ulster with a BSc (Hon) in Nursing Science.
24 September 2001 Welcome home, from Canada to Warrenpoint, to Don and Maureen Magill. They are here for a week and hope to meet many old friends and renew old aquaintences.
20 September 2001 It is with sadness that I have to record the sudden and untimely death on Tuesday, 18 September, of Tony Collins, Crossmaglen, while on holiday in Minorca with his wife, Teresa. Condolences to all the family, especially to Teresa and their children Tracy, Paul, Kieran and Victoria and to his mother, Kathleen and his brothers and sister.
24 August 2001 Congratulations to Eddy and Kerry Hamilton on the birth of a baby daughter - Amber Chloe (7lb 10oz) today.
5 July 2001 Congratulations to Josephine Gregory who on Monday 3 July graduated from Queens University, Belfast, with a degree in Social Sciences.
8 June 2001 Congratulations to Jarlath Gregory who today has his first novel "Snapshots", published by Sitric Books. Jarlath, who has recently graduated from Trinity College, has secured a three book contract from Lilliput and is already working on his second novel.
30 May 2001 A new daughter, Lilli, (28 April 2001) to Brian and Ann Marie O'Callaghan.
Congatulations to Brian and Alice O'Callaghan, on the 40th anniversity of their wedding on 10 April 2001.
30 May 2001 Congratulations to Rebecca Carville who has won a scholarship to Trinity College.
26 May 2001 Claire Devlin made her First Holy Communion today, in Castlewellan. Pictures available at Online.ie
15 March 2001 Would Ronan Cunningham, who asked about the Mackrell Family, in the Guestbook, please get in touch as replies to the email address you supplied are not being accepted.
6 March 2001 I have received a number of photographs, of the 1920's, 30s and 40s, of the Devlin Family (Mobane, Crossmaglen) from Anna Crocco who lives in Staten Island, New York. They show Owen and Annie and their children and relatives. If anyone would like copies please give me a call - phone or e-mail.
14 February 2001 Some people may have noticed that the website was not functioning for the last week or so. This was due to BT changing the goalposts on the web space available without notice, resulting in the loss of the site's index page, without which no controlled access is possible. I have now completely overhauled the site and it is functioning again.
28 November 2000 Tommy Boyle, is presently in hospital in Daisy Hill, Newry. When Sadie and I visited him on Saturday he was in good spirits and good form and we had a great craic about 'the old days'. I got some good stuff for the site and have already updated it in appropriate places.
23 November 2000 Marie Boyle, widow of John and mother of Ann Marie, Barbara, Richard and Marie-Therese, died this morning. Our thought and prayers are with her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren throughout the world. May she rest in peace.
17 November 2000 Ian's brother Craig is getting married to Rachael on Saturday 18 November in New Zealand. Pictures of the wedding will be posted here when available.
17 November 2000

Souvenir of our break - the one in the middle is the camel

8 November 2000

The anniversary mass for Andrea Curry, who died tragically on 12 November 1999 while on a mercy mission to Kosovo will be held at 11am on Sunday 19 November 2000 in Ballymacnab church.

Sadie and I are taking a short break and will be away until 16 November.